The king’s new clothes

“Korol” is a five times distilled Vodka from the finest grains. Pacproject had the honour, to design the new robe in the form of 0.5 L bottle for the new king (as Korol is Russian for king). The goal was to redesign the bottle into a contemporary premium product. Within just two months, after the initial briefing, the new design was finalised. Our designers decided to shape the neck of the bottle into a shoulder like form that reminds us of the Epaulets on a marshal’s uniform. The embossed double-headed eagle, which has been on the coat of arms of the Russian Federation since 1993, is emobossed proudly on the front of the bottle. The overall bevelled shape grants not only an improved haptic but also a visual impression to the product. In total just two months where required to realise the new design.