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When it comes to brands, trends, developments, packaging or people, we don’t get tired of reporting it. There is always something new in our industry. Read about what excites us right now:

EPDA Valencia

Meet us at the EPDA event in Valencia! Our special envoy Andrew Stack is currently attending the EPDA conference themed "inspiration, illumination, imagination". Over the span of 3 days, Andrew will get to listen to some incredible talks, immerge himself in the buzzing city of Valencia, meet fellow industry members and have his mind refreshed with all things inspirational. Let's connect!

Mutige Marken - Müde Märkte

Meet Jörg Kuhlmann in dem Verpackungs Museum Marke + Design to the lecture Mutige Marken - Müde Märkte on the 19.10.2023 in Heidelberg. Get in touch!

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Trendtag Glas 23

Meet Jörg Kuhlmann at the Trendtag Glas at the 28.09.2023 in Hamburg. Get in touch!

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Meet Katharina Poeppel on the intertabac in Dortmund on the 15.09.2023. Get in touch!

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brands in the storm

At the LZ conference "Brands in the Storm" in Mannheim, Katharina Poeppel reports: As a consultant at pacproject, it is of great importance for me to understand our clients in these turbulent times - times of crisis, inflation and war. The question we face: What do brands need to successfully weather the storm? Get in touch with Katharina if you are interested to dig deeper into this topic.

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Mopo Run 23

Last Wednesday on the 23rd of August, pacproject took part in the MOPO Lauf! This yearly sporting event is a well-known local gathering, where companies are competing in a relay race and enjoying a nice socializing time around grills and beers. A special thank goes out to: Andrew, Katharina, Rita, Armin and Ferdinand for their fantastic performances. While these five antelopes were galloping to the speed of light, the rest of the team was busy cheering, applauding, and screaming while enjoying a lovely BBQ alongside some refreshing drinks (we know how to multitask at pacproject).

Welcome in our team Côme

Bonjour, I am Côme Berger de Nomazy from Savoie in France. I am currently in my 5th year of my general engineering degree at ECAM Lyon. During my studies I have the opportunity to make a 6 months internship to discover a company and an area of expertise like packaging. I decided to join pacproject in Hamburg to discover the world of work in another country and to gain more knowledge about packaging abroad. We are delighted to welcome Côme to the team!

Welcome in our team Morgane

Bonjour! I am Morgane and I come from France. I am in the 4th year of my engineering packaging diploma at ISIP-Cnam at Angoulême. For my studies I have the opportunity to do an internship abroad, I wanted to do this 2 months internship at pacproject to improve my English, learn the culture and study the perspective of packaging abroad. We are happy to welcome Hannah to the team!

welcome on board Hannah

Hello, I am Hannah Bracklow and I am studying “Packaging technology and Sustainability” in the 6th Semester at the HTWK Leipzig. I decided to spend the summer between my semester abroad and the start of the next winter semester as an intern at pacproject. During this period, I will support the Consulting Team and I am excited to learn many new things and to work on interesting projects. We are delighted to welcome Hannah to the team!


Meet Katharina Poeppel, Ole Bolling, Ferdinand Nitzsche, Jörg Kuhlmann and Armin Kriele at the Interpack in Düsseldorf 04.05 - 10.05. Get in touch!

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Futury THE MISSION Connects

Meet Jörg Kuhlmann at the Futury - The Mission Connects am 04.05.2023 in Düsseldorf. Get in touch!

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Zukunftstag Mittelstand 2023

Meet Jörg Kuhlmann on the Zukunftstag Mittelstand at the 01. March 2023 in Berlin. Get in touch!

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Meet Katharina Pöppel at the AIPIA WORLD CONGRESS on the 14 + 15 November in Amsterdam. Get in touch!

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Meet Jörg at the Zukunftskonferenz on the 11th of November in Hamburg. Get in touch!

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Trendtag Glas

Meet Jörg at the Trendtag Glas on the 10th of November in Düsseldorf. Get in touch!

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Meet Jörg Kuhlmann at the Verpackungsdialog in the german packaging museum on the 27th of October in Heidelberg. Get in touch!

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Moin Moin, my name is Tomke Meyer-Ebrecht, 23 years old and I'm in my 7th semester studying food packaging technology in Hannover. At pacproject I will write my bachelor thesis from September to February. I look forward to working on great projects within a dynamic team. Let's change the world of packaging in a sustainable and innovative ways. We are delighted to welcome Tomke to the team!


Meet Ole at the Scanpack 2022 on the 6th of October in Gothenburg. Get in touch!

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Meet Armin Kriele at the BIOFACH & VIVANESS 2022 on 27.07. + 28.07.2022

DFV Sustainability Days 22

Jörg Kuhlmann participates at the Sustainability Days 14.03. + 15.03.2022 . Get in Touch!

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EMPPA Association Day 2022

Meet Ole Bolling at the EMPPA Association Day 2022 on the 13th of October in Berlin. Get in touch!

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packaging summit

An impression from 05th of July 2022. At the 5th Packaging Summit in Hamburg, Tabea Janssen from our consulting team, together with Jens Johannsen from FIXUM Creative Technology GmbH spoke about Mushroom® Packaging. Our purpose: to realise packaging development projects grown with mushroom materials.

pacproject celebrates its 20th anniversary this month!

Over the past 20 years, we have worked on an array of diverse and exciting projects together with our customers. We have been able to continuously expand our expertise in the field of packaging and today we are proud to say that we can fully support them with holistic packaging concepts and solutions. We would like to thank you all for your trust and are looking forward to the many more collaborations and adventures that are awaiting us in the future!


Hello my name is Thu Trang, I’m from the beautiful south of Germany where I study packaging technology at the HdM-Stuttgart. I decided to come to pacproject as there is a great opportunity to participate in many different projects. In the next six months I will be part of the consulting team. I'm looking forward to my time at pacproject and all that I will learn. We are delighted to welcome Thu Trang to the team!

Welcome on board Tabea

Hello it's Tabea, since 2018 I have been studying packaging engineering in Stuttgart. For my practical semester I first lived in Basel before recently moving to Hamburg to work at pacproject where I will stay from April until September 2022 to finish my studies and my bachelors' thesis. I am especially interested in the topics of sustainability, like choice of material, optimization in production or end-of-life options for packaging. This summer I'm looking forward to get to know pacproject and the team. We are delighted to welcome Tabea to the team!

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